About me

My name is Jake McCallum and I live on the sunshine island of Tenerife.

I had been coming on holiday to the island with my parents when I was a child before i decided to move out here permanently to make a new life for myself.


The locals always get the best prices so I like to follow what they do, especially when it comes to big purchases like properties.

You can get some big discount deals away from the main resorts where all the attention is and find amazing deals in the older towns and villages away from the South.

I’m going to keep you updated on my findings whenever they happen, on this site and will share anything that I think will help you snag a good deal on the island.

Fincas, villas, apartments, commercial places, or even land. All of them will get attention in my updates so stay tuned and keep checking for updates that might even change your life if you’re planning to move to Tenerife.